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Wedding Bouquets 2010

Shades of Peach and Gray

There's no doubt... all of us that work here at the flower shop just love flowers. But truthfully, how can you look at this photo and not love them? Garden and tea roses, ranuculus and tulips combined with funky accents of scabiosa pods (those cool green ball things) and dusty miller (the silvery lambs ear looking foliage) make for an interesting floral display. In this case, a brides maids bouquet but honestly, who wouldn't want to receive this mixture of flowers in a low glass cube vase or a silver cylinder container? Next time you order flowers, why not let the florist go wild and get a bit "unconventional" for you? There's a big "floral" world out there waiting to be discovered!! To see more of our designs check out our website at or visit our wedding site at

Color, Color and More Color!

Whenever I'm helping someone decide on what flowers to send for a birthday or what their wedding flowers should look like, I always start with color. Sending flowers for a birthday? Bold, dramatic colors really speak to the occasion and make it fun. Hoping to send a sunny smile to someone who is sick? Studies show that the color yellow speeds healing and makes people feel more healthy. I guess that's why many hospital rooms are painted yellow, huh? What I loved about this bouquet we created for our bride Kathryn was that she was not afraid to pop in there with some dramatic color and shake it up with some different textures. The mini callas and orchids mixed among the roses keeps the viewer guessing. I can't wait to see a picture of her walking down the aisle with this stunningly colorful bouquet!!