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Where Will You Be Shopping on Small Business Saturday

Small Business Saturday is November 29th this year. Where will you be shopping ? We'd love to know!  Remember, money spent in your local community stays in your community! 

Finding a Real Local Florist

Have you ever tried to order flowers, done a Google searched, used a "floral company" only to find out they farmed the order out to a "Real Florist" and charged you a huge fee to do so? Well, then you are not alone. This is happening more in more in many industries, one of which is in the floral trade. As florists, we are often "Impersonated" with unethical Order Gatherers acting as if they are us, only to the collect the order and charge a high fee. It hurts our business so whenever we can we try to educate the public any way we can! When you send flowers out of your area, the best way to do it, is to be sure the florist you are calling is local or to let your "Real Local Florist" that you know and trust handle it for you. Did you know that we handle out of town flower orders? We not only find a "Real Local Florist" to create and deliver your flowers but we also confirm the order was delivered by contacting them directly. We then

Affordable Flowers

Who says the only place to get cheap (low cost) flowers is at the Supermarket? Not us! Each week we offer two different flower specials. Monday's FreshTen are bouquets of unique blooms, the kinds you won't find at any Big Box Store for only $10. Ours are way fresher too with flowers arriving 3-5 times per week. Available at our Princeton store only we've featured flowers such as Mini Calla Lilies, Protea, Kale and other unique, long lasting flowers for FreshTen. This past week we offered Mini Calla lilies! Each Friday at both of our Stores (Princeton and Yardley) we offer $5 Friday Flowers ; a fresh bouquet usually valued at $10, $15 or more dollars for only $5. This past week we offered Freesia and Rose Bouquets. Do you currently follow us on Facebook? Just visit our pages each week to find out the flower specials! Click here for Princeton's Page or here for Yardley's Page . These bouquets often sell out so we make it easy to reserve. Just give us

Drones for Same Day Delivery Needed? Insights by Kevin

Not here! Wow - in order to meet customer demand big box stores and mega online retail websites are offering same day, expedited delivery in big cities and, in the future, deliveries within an hour. We've even heard stories about futuristic drones flying over head and dropping off packages at our front door!   Being in the floral delivery business my company should consider this type of exceptional service - oh wait, we already do!  Yes, the floral industry has been offering same day, expedited delivery since the beginning, long before any of the "revolutionary" online retailers or the Internet even existed. In fact, florist have been delivering flowers within hours of the customer placing their order, long before most of the managers of the online company's were born - funny, but I'm serious. This special level of service has differentiated the floral industry from all other gift giving businesses for decades.  Within a few hours of the customer calling

Balloons are Therapeutic~ by Kevin

Balloons can be therapeutic! So far this has been a very busy year for our Company installing Balloon Décor. If you follow us on Facebook , Instagram , Twitter or various other Social media sites I'm sure you've seen the many posts and pictures of our Balloon decorations.   Recently, I was on site creating a balloon arch and as always, many people stop by to ask questions about what we do, how we do it, how long we've been Balloon decorators etc. Every time I stop and talk to the curious onlookers I notice one thing in common - everyone is smiling as they look at the Balloons ! This made me think how cool our profession is and also how much fun and pleasure it brings our customers. Some of the comments and questions I've heard from people have been: That's so cool. I'd love to do that. I remember when I was a kid..... My Uncle, Father, Brother use to give me a balloon every.... I love Balloons That's my favorite color. Ho

My Top 3 Tips to Longer Lasting Flowers

I admit, I love blogging but it's been so busy here at the shop that I don't have as much time as I used to. That being said, I'm in love with sharing tips, as always and so in thinking about flowers , I'm talking the most asked question and turning into another top 3 Tip List ! "How do I keep my flowers looking fresh longer"? 1 ~ Fresh Water Yes, it truly is that simple. Keeping the water fresh in your floral display goes a long way to longevity. Rule of thumb for me is if you wouldn't want to drink that water, neither do your fresh flowers! What I see most often is not only do folks not keep the water fresh in their arrangement's but they forget to add water. Fresh flowers drink lots and lots of water, so be sure it's there for them. 2 ~ Little a Trim Off the Bottom You know how getting a hair cut makes you feel good and helps your hair to look healthy and grow stronger? Well, giving your flowers a little trim acts the same way. Whe