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Wedding Trends Update ~ Lanterns in or out?

As I sit here writing this post, I'm looking at a grouping of lanterns all ready to go for today's New Years Day wedding and it got me to thinking. It's now 2016, lanterns have been popular wedding decor for the last 5 years or so, do I think this trend will continue? I'd say Yes.   Not only because our today's bride Kristen has chosen them for her table decor (and yes, she borrowed these lanterns from a friend who probably used them at her own wedding ) but because I've met with several other future brides who are also interested in going down the "lantern route" somewhere in their decor.  In the case of today's wedding, the lanterns really fit her rustic feel with accents of gold (the lanterns are cream with gold antique brush strokes) and by adding accents of gold seeded eucalyptus, berries and fresh rosemary to the top of each table lantern, helps to bring the look together with all of the person flowers she has chosen. Above is

Wedding Flower Trends for 2015 and Beyond

It may seem a little "Late" to be talking about 2015 wedding trends and I would agree with you if it weren't for the fact that we still have some last minute Fall and December weddings finalizing with our shop right now. I love these "Late Arrival Brides" because they give me a peek into next years wedding trends. Speaking of last minute weddings, Beautiful Emily shown below was a bride we worked with on her August 20th wedding . First meeting with her Mother (who had no idea what Emily might like to have for her wedding) we had to wait for Emily to finish school to finally dig into her flower wish list. This happened 11 days before her wedding . Yes you heard right, 11 days.  Although this may have added a few gray hairs to my head being I was not sure what Emily might like, plus I had to cost out and propose quickly not to mention I had missed every single deadline for order Farm Direct Flowers (this could be a blog in itself) but we needless to say, we w