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Sending Sympathy and Funeral Flowers

Sending Sympathy This year has held major changes for everyone ~ that include the loss of a loved one. The loss of a family member or friend can be emotional and something we do not take lightly. It's trying to share beautiful floral arrangements during a ti me of loss.  We know that floral pieces help bring family members closure and we wanted share. Arrangements get showcased on Instagram and Facebook  because we know most people are at a loss of what to send and we are here to help.  We work closely with many local funeral homes, J Allen Hooper Funeral Chapel , Mather-Hodge Funeral Home  - to name a few.  Below is a large full casket piece. All white flowers including roses, gardenias, orchids, hydrangea and other flowers: All white floral designs are a popular theme due to their elegance and natural look. This piece below is the matching basket to the above casket piece:   Colored flowers help bring brightness to a somber setting, provide conversation and

A Star Trek Tribute

I took a quick photo as Designer Norman was working on this arrangement before it was finished but I still had to share. This piece was created for a man who adored Star Trek and everything it stands for. I could really relate to why he was so crazy about a TV show like Star Trek, being a fan myself. His niece and nephew phoned our shop and sheepishly mentioned that they would love for us to work in the Star Trek theme and if we could include the Enterprise. I jumped at the idea to create something special for them and became giddy when I found this amazing photo to use. Bold colors for a bold theme, this square wreath of flowers really showcases the Starship and I'm going to guess that this tribute will not soon be forgotten. I think Designer Norman did a fantastic job on this very special floral design. To see more of our funeral and sympathy designs, visit our website at