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Shocking Lily

Do you know the difference between a Asiatic Lily and a Hybrid Lily? What makes an O.T. Lily different? If it's one thing I've learned, you need a Ph'D to know everything there is to know about flowers! Take this lily for example. It's called an O. T. Lily or Orienpet Lily. It's wonderful color, shape and texture is derived from crosses between Oriental and Trumpet lily types. The advantage in growing Orienpet Lilies (O.T.) is they are more tolerant of harsh growing conditions, compared to the normal Oriental Lily. Yet they retain the exotic appearance, size and fragrance of the Orientals. What a mouth full but I prefer to say - "Hey, what a gorgeous flower" and as a customer you can be rest assured that we'll seek out and find new and exciting varieties for you. Lucky for both of us, no Ph'D required! Our website is an awesome way to shop for flowers but to send something cutting edge and different, why not call and ask us what is new? We&#


No matter what I post on Facebook or this blog, if it's purple it's going to get a very positive response and this bouquet is no exception. Created for this past weekends bride Leah, for her Maid of Honor, this bouquet was made using ivory and lavender roses, purple lisianthus and touches of lime green buplurium along the outer edge. What a wonderful color for an April wedding, don't you think?   Brides asking for purple flowers still seems to be  a strong trend through 2011 with shades of pink being next in line (which was the brides bouquet was made of, in this case). Roses are still high up on the flower wish list with peony, hydrangea, lisianthus and even dahlias and orchids often being requested.   To see this bouquet and other examples of our wedding designs, be sure to visit our wedding website at

Wedding Consultation Room?

Did you know that we actually ave a Bridal/Wedding Consultation Room? Yes, we do although sometimes it serves as a Bar/Bat Mitzvah or other Party Consultation room at time.  How wonderful is this space for discussing a wedding? Recently I spent some time freshening things up, flipping the room around and doing an over all overhaul of the space. What a great feeling and just in time for Spring!  We've tried to display all our rental items such as our archways, pedestals, special rental glassware, silk trees and topiaries, urns and even our new decorative trunks. Don't you just love chapsticks? Our brides seem to like them a whole lot. A vintage wedding gown on display in our consultation room. Hey, wait, that's my wedding gown from 1985! Did I just call that Vintage? Well, I guess it is. :o) The grooms love our couch. If they feel a bit overwhelmed (and uninterested) by the whole wedding flower process, they can retreat to this quiet area to flip through a magazine or two.

A Star Trek Tribute

I took a quick photo as Designer Norman was working on this arrangement before it was finished but I still had to share. This piece was created for a man who adored Star Trek and everything it stands for. I could really relate to why he was so crazy about a TV show like Star Trek, being a fan myself. His niece and nephew phoned our shop and sheepishly mentioned that they would love for us to work in the Star Trek theme and if we could include the Enterprise. I jumped at the idea to create something special for them and became giddy when I found this amazing photo to use. Bold colors for a bold theme, this square wreath of flowers really showcases the Starship and I'm going to guess that this tribute will not soon be forgotten. I think Designer Norman did a fantastic job on this very special floral design. To see more of our funeral and sympathy designs, visit our website at

Easter Basket of Blooms

After the long winter we've just had, thank goodness for Spring! Easter is Sunday and today begins Passover. Here at the shop we are busy dressing up Easter Lilies with bright colored ribbon bows and making goodies baskets with chocolate bunnys, peeps and dried fruit. Can't be with family for the holiday? Why not send them a pretty basket of spring flowers like this one? To see more of our Easter, Passover and Spring arrangements check out our website at and use promotion code APR to save $5 all month long!

Summer Simple

It's that time of year when our summer brides come in to plan their weddings. It still might be a bit damp and chilly outside but it's warm and sunny in my bridal consultation room! What a wonderful time of year the summer is for a sweet and simple wedding, don't you think? I really loved the bouquets we made for Keally and Dan last year. Shades of pink, peach, yellow and white were so adorable with the colorful green dresses. How about these cool blooms created for bride Caroline at the Princeton University Prospect House last summer.  Clear glass cylinders were lined with variegated  leaves that were filled with pale blue hydrangeas and deeper blue delphinium.  Who says big is better? I say to pop it out with color! Keeping the elements to a minimum make for an elegant but restful appearance. So see more of our wedding designs be sure to visit our website at or check out the galleries at various wedding sites such as http://www.thekn

What's in the Cooler?

At both of our flower shops, we pride ourselves on always have sweet, funky, fresh and fun floral arrangemens ready to go for our walk in customers. This pretty basket was created by Designer Holly (who happens to also manage our Design Team). Shocking lilies (yes, that is their name) and matching roses accented with a sweet orange butterfly - well who could ask for more! Imagine presenting this to someone for their birthday or bringing it with you on a get well hospital visit. I can't imagine their face doing anything other than smiling - can you? To see more of our floral designs be sure to visit our Facebook Page at or our website at

Team Spirit

Just had to share these very cool centerpieces that we just made for our very favorite school (you know the one I mean). No, it's not Halloween and being near Princeton University means we need to get hip with the Tiger Spirit and get creative with black and orange flower themes. Don't you just love the design of these very cool centerpieces we created and set up today at the Nassau Inn? Ginestra, Crespedia, Gerber Daisies, Free Spirit Roses, Tulips and Croton leaves all combine to make a festive floral display. Black containers and a pop of yellow still allow for a spring look to this event. What do you think? Do you like them? To see more of our event designs check out our website at

Bling Out Your Wedding Bouquet

Not everyone is going to want as many different types of flower "bling" as this bouquet had but brides sure are loving that extra sparkle to their wedding flowers. Roses accented with a rhinestone seem to be high on the list as well as elegant rhinestone buckles being added to the stems, like the photo below. Can't decide if adding a bit of flower jewelry is a good idea for your bouquet? Take a que from your dress. Does it have crystal beads that sparkle in the light? Perhaps it has silvery gems or even pearlized sequins? If so, why not add similar accents to your bouquet? Your wedding day is one of the few time you'll get to really shine so why not bling out your wedding bouquet!

The Emotion of Color

Have you ever noticed how a color can affect you? I've noticed that what is pleasing to one person could be a total downer for another. For example, I love the colors in this bouquet. When I see them they make me feel happy and calm and everything warm and fuzzy. Recently I was helping a family to choose some sympathy flowers and they really wanted lots of color. When discussing what exact colors they liked together, when I mentioned blues or purples, they expressed that they did not want any purple or blue because to them, they were very morose. Wow, what a strong, negative word for a color that makes me happy. It just goes to prove a point. A color that would be seen as positive for one could be seen as a negative to another. When buying flowers for yourself, choose flowers in colors that make you happy and remind you of fond memories. When buying flowers as a gift take clues from what color car they drive or clothes they wear. Let's face it, colors have played important r

Living with Flowers

Last month I was given an assignment - show flowers in the home. Well, that's just perfect for me being I love taking photos and I love flowers. I was put to the task by a wonderful person at Society of American Florists, Jenny Scala who is the Director of Consumer Marketing. Seems that they were updating their blog site known as Flower Factor. Having fun with my new duty, I took home several floral arrangements made by our designer Rocio and went to work taking pictures. I especially loved this arrangement in a cube because even though the flowers are mostly common, it's just so sweet and vibrant. I also loved the ribbon treatment Rocio did, making the flowers look like a fresh, natural present. The perfect gift, don't you think? For floral inspiration, visit them at and be on the look out for more photos of flowers in my house!   To see more of our design work visit our website at and our wedding design