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My Favorite Place

Ah, Mother's Day is over. I love the holiday because it's not only good for business but it's good for the soul. Delivering lots of gorgeous flowers to deserving mothers, what could be better? Today was a day for me to catch up in the office. I'm totally beat and so far behind on doing all my wedding flowers proposals, answering emails and order flowers for June and July wedding. It felt good to sit at my desk and plow through folder after folder. For the fun of it I went onto my Facebook page being I had not been there in over three days. I love connecting with friends, family and old high school buddies. It's fun to see pictures of their kids and even (dare I admit) grandkids! At the top of the page it always asks what you wants on your mind. I notice I usually am saying the same thing over and over - I'm in the office, I'm at work or I'm at home having a glass of wine. How boring - huh! Today when I looked at that Facebook Status block asking me