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Baby's Breath and Rose Bridal Bouquet

 Say what you want about baby's breath because here at the shop it's been a staple for weddings for the past year and the trend appears to be continuing into 2015. Case in point for bride Louise's wedding this weekend. Her bridal bouquet was created of elegant and traditional ivory roses called Vendela and baby's breath. The variety of baby's breath used has bright white florets that are full and open. Combined in her bouquet , they give her the soft and romantic bouquet she loved. Having grown up in England, Louise's love of baby's breath flowed over into the centerpieces as well. Such a lovely flowers for all seasons and a trend that we fully expect to continue for weddings next year. What do you think of this bouquet and the use of baby's breath in wedding arrangement? To see more of our wedding designs, be sure to visit our website at  

Simple but Elegant

"What is your wedding flower style?" When I ask a bride that question, 80% will tell me, simple but elegant but what does that really mean? When you look in the dictionary the definition of these words, what do you find? Simple means: Free from ostentation and vanity, easy to understand and humble in origin. Elegant  means: Tasteful in design, dignified and graceful in appearance and cleverly simple. Take the bridal bouquet above? More than any other bouquet we've ever made, this one seems to strike a cord in certain brides. To me it's elegant but simple. It's natural but not wild. It has texture that stands apart from the wedding dress but does not compete with it.  But this type of bouquet only accounts for about 20% of the designs we create. Do I think that 8 out of 10 brides really want simple but elegant floral designs? Actually, it's probably the other way around. I think that 80% want complicated, cool, colorful, even funky flowers. For me,

Phalaenopsis Orchids

This past weekend we created these lovely Phalaenopsis orchid centerpieces for our bride Carolyn. This morning she sent a thank you note and expressed that she was so happy with all her flowers and especially these arrangements. Well, who could blame her. Phalaenopsis orchids have to be one of the most beautiful cut orchids that a florist can design with. Most often we sell them as plants but for special occasions and certain design work, we order cut orchid sprays. Longer lasting and more sturdy than you might think, these cascading orchids are perfect for these "umbrella" style centerpieces. Not inexpensiveby any means, but so worth the money and effort. These lovely blooms might not fit everyone's budget but as a florist, I'm so happy when a client comes along who can both afford and appreciate these amazing flowers! To see these and more of our wedding designs check out our wedding website at