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Lighting and Your Wedding Flowers

Are you afraid of using vibrant colors for your wedding? Don't be. Remember, all those close up photos that we florists love taking of our wedding designs are not really "true to life" how your guests will see your flowers. Most guests will be seeing you from 15 feet away or more and other than the close up shots your photographer will get on your wedding day, your photos will mostly be taken in full sun from a distance.  Take the example below. On the left and bottom right was a wedding bouquet we made about 3 years ago. Picture taken from a distance or in full outdoor lighting tend to look lighter than close up shots not in direct sun, as in the photo top right. If you are looking for vibrant tones, I usually advise turning up the color at least 1 or 2 shades, especially if you are being married in an outdoor setting or expect to take lots of photos outside. During the summer, the heat and sunshine really go into maximum brightness, so taking care to go a bit riche