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What is the Best Way To Spend $1,000?

"I'm on a budget of about $1,000 for my wedding flowers. What's the best way to spend my money"?  Sound familiar? I get asked that question all the time and so I was inspired to write this blog. 

I know it seems like a lot of money but if you need a bridal bouquet, 4 brides maids, flower girl, boutonnieres and corsages, altar decor and even centerpieces... wow, it can be a hard one to maneuver! My advise in this budget range would be to concentrate mostly on the personal flowers such as the bouquets, etc. Keep the flowers to one or two colors so that you can keep the bouquets smaller and more chic. Also, be sure to keep to seasonal flowers. No, peony are not in season in October - come on, I know you were thinking they were!! I'm going to hang a sign in our consultation room that says "spring flowers are mostly in season during the spring"! 

It's ok to want pink flowers in November but with a little research you'll find that roses, lilies, carnations, gerbers and hydrangea can be secured year round and all come in shades of pink. Be open to suggestions of flowers. If you love peony the closest flower is a hydrangea. If you love lavender lilacs and your wedding is October, there really is nothing that looks like a lilac and so you are setting yourself up for disappointment. Remember, your florist doesn't grow them and we are limited to what is available at that time of the year by growers and farmers. You can fool mother nature only so much and then you have to deal with her!

Now let's assume you have modest desires for you and your bridal attendants and other family members. You just might have a little bit of your $1,000 budget left over. Wondering the best way to spend it? I believe that letting your ceremony location stand on it's own merits is the way to go when you are on a tight decor budget. Most churches are pretty just the way they are so why eat up any more of your budget there. Really want something for the reception but not too many dollars left in your budget? Why not do a few well placed floral displays to bring your floral theme over to the reception? A floral arrangement on the escort card table will not only get seen when guests first arrive to the reception but is also noticed as people exit in and out from the ballroom during the evening. Really want a floral accent on the guest tables? A small bowl with a single floating flower that matches your color theme is more effective than you might think. Add some rose petals around and perhaps the votive candles that the banquet hall provides and before you know it, you have a very thoughtful centerpiece.

 If you look at celebrity weddings, expect to pay celebrity prices. You get what you pay for and flowers are no exception. Your budget is personal to you. Set realistic expectations of what you can afford and you won't be disappointed!

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