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And then there was one...

Do you have trouble deciding what flowers to send to your mom? Can't decide on what type of flowers to use in your bridal bouquet or in the floral centerpieces for your corporate function? Looking to make your floral purchase seem more grand for the dollars being spent? Sometimes the simple way is the best way!

Simple means one or maybe two types of flowers and one color. What better way to showcase a gorgeous bloom by multiplying it by 10 or even 20? Creating bouquets that are all one flower, really allow the shape and texture of the flower being used to stand out. If you love a particular flower by itself, chances are you'll love it if many of the same bloom are grouped together. Keep it to one color and it really makes a strong statement!

Do you love the softness of hydrangea? Hydrangea is the perfect flower to stand alone in large groupings of 10 or 20 blooms. What drama unfolds as they burst out like little pink, blue or lavender clouds!

What about using a single flower to create a topiary?
Fragrant stock grouped together and allowed to stand in a shallow bowl really look pretty tied in a satin ribbon. Talk about elegant!! No additional foliage needed because these flowers give you everything you need to create a gorgeous table display. This is an example when letting the stems show really adds to the design and adding clear glass gems brings a formal look to the arrangement. Switch the gems out to be brown river stones or pebbles and tie with raffia for a more rustic feel! Flowers that also work well used this way are lilies, gerbers, alstroemeria and even roses.

The pretty petite urn to the left is filled simply with purple carnations. Light accents of purple filler and foliage complete the look. Who says flowers have to be expensive to be striking? Imagine this floral design on a bedside table for someone feeling under the weather? Change out the container to a rustic basket and fill with yellow carnations and yellow aster filler for a sunny and natural feel.

When in doubt, try using one color and one flower. The results just might surprise you!!
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