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The World is a Mirror

Early this morning while I was stopping into my favorite bagel shop for my first cup of morning java I made an observation. Every morning when I go into this place of business, either by myself or with my husband, I always give a very enthusiastic "Morning" greeting to the wonderful staff behind the counter. I do it every day and I'd have to be having a really bad morning to not be bright and cheery about it.

This morning I did my usual "Good Morning" and I received a very happy "Moooorrrning..... how are you today?". A little idle chit chat went back and forth "don't you love the weather, thank goodness the rain stopped", you know, the usual. Well, as I stirred my coffee and finished up my purchase another customer walked in and gave a very grumpy sounding "morning" to the staff and they gave her a half hearted "morning" back.

Hm, I thought, what a difference in how they responded to me and to this other woman. That's when it occurred to me you really do get what you give. The world is a mirror, smile at it and it will smile back at you. Frown and that's what you'll get back. Hm, can it be that easy? I believe so.

This basic observation is truly nothing new. After the tough two weeks I've had, the fact that I still feel like being my normal, bubbly self with acquaintances comforts me in a strange way. It makes me realize that it starts with me and that I do have some control over things that happen to me. If I want people to be grumpy or even mean to me, I can start off by being mean to them. Of course, that's not what I want so the knowledge that with a little kindness on my part, 9 times out of 10, I will get kindness and respect back. If that's not controlling what happens to me, then I don't know what is.

The world is a mirror and I'm determined to smile at it, no matter what. Why? Because I need it to smile back at me, it really is that simple.
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