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Updating for Summer!

Updating for Summer! Check out our new designs for the season.

Updating for Summer!! Check out our new designs for the season.

Can you believe that summer has finally arrived and with that comes a time for our designer to create new floral arrangements for the season! Be sure to check out our current selection in the Summer Flowers and Gifts Category. First up is a redesign of 3 of our most popular designs. These designs are what we call  mono-floral being the focal flower is all the same time, with the only variation being in color or accents.  First is our Spray Rose Bouquet ~ for the season we have added tiny fever few daises among soft colored spray roses. A clear glass vase is accented with colorful nuggets for a bit of whimsy. 

Updating for Summer Check out our new designs for the seasonAnother design that received an update is our Amazing Alstroemeria arrangement. This design also include fever few and is created in a fun cinched vase that is over 9" tall. A bright mixture of colors such as yellow, pink, red, white and lavender would be a wonderful addition to any space. These flowers are extremely long lasting even though they look rather delicate. Don't you love the soft yet colorful view of this design? It's always a favorite and fun to update each season by using different accents, fillers and vases. 

Amazing AlstroemeriaThe next design that had an overhaul for the season is our Seasonal Daisy Bouquet. A mixture of soft pom pon daises are mixed in a design also created in our 9" tall cinched glass vase. This time white fever few daises are combined with yellow solidago for a pop of summer to compliment the daisies. Anyone that loves mums or daisies would be happy to see this arrive. 

updating for summer check out new designs for the season

Out of all our updated designs, which one is your favorite?  We'd love to know! Happy Summer, stay well and we hope to service you soon. 

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