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Are Your Vendors Motivated to Help You....

Are your vendors motivated to help you and why you should care.... Let's start with the definition of Motivation.

Simple Definition of motivation
  • : the act or process of giving someone a reason for doing something : the act or process of motivating someone
  • : the condition of being eager to act or work : the condition of being motivated
  • : a force or influence that causes someone to do something
Wondering what this has to do with a Florist & you? If you are planning a wedding or other social or business event, this may be the most important blog you will read. Yes, I'm that confident in the content of what I'm about to say so here we go...

Let's back step a bit & talk about you? Do you hold a job? Do you report to a boss? Thinking about your work environment, what do you like about your job? Perhaps you love your coworkers. Maybe you love your boss (yes it's possible). How about the customers or clients you serve? I'm guessing these might be a few things that motivate you to show up & do a great job day in & day out.... 

  1. You are paid fairly & feel appreciated by your coworkers, boss & clients.
  2. You are compensated for overtime and for going above & beyond for your company. 
  3. Your boss trusts you to know your job & lets you do it. 
  4. Your boss thanks you both in advance & after for going above & beyond.
  5. Your boss rarely or never mentions that you are not worth what you are being paid. 
  6. Your boss never promises to pay you & then takes the pay away, you never have to chase after your paycheck. 
  7. Your boss never tells you that if they had the time they could do your job better and/or for less. 
Are you hiring a Photographer, DJ, Florist, Caterer, etc for an upcoming event? Thinking about how your boss treats you, are you doing or saying things to any of your vendors that might make them feel less motivated to help you create a fantastic event? If so, you may want to think like a Boss!

Most of the vendors you hire are small business owners who probably stress out over where their next paycheck is coming from.  Most just wanted to be treated fairly & respectfully. Many work alone while many have staff they are responsible for. Putting the money up front & center it's important to note that if you mess with the way someone supports themselves,  their family, their staff, you will not get the best from them.  If you want to de-motivate them quickly, just threaten their livelihood.

  1. Have you told any of your vendors they charge is too much for what they do? Do you really understand the amount of work that goes in & their overhead?
  2. Have you told them what they do is not that hard & you could do it yourself if you had the time? 
  3. Have you asked for discounts - usually because you want something you did not budget for? Have you made the vendor chase you for payment you knew were due?
  4. Have you made them work harder in order to meet your lower budget? 
  5. Have you told them you will be buying service at a certain level & then take it away? 
  6. Have you made the vendor think that you are the expert & not them?
  7. Have you not taken the time to thank the vendor for going above & beyond for you during the planning stages?
I could ask 100 event vendors & each and everyone would tell me that they become less & less motivated to help clients who do all or any of the above. The other side of that coin is that Vendors make promises & they need to keep them. 

I remember someone telling me years ago they wanted to start their own business so they no longer had a boss to deal with. My comment back? Oh you won't have "A" boss to deal with, you will have hundreds & hundreds of Bosses ~ also know as customers. Just as you have to please your boss you have to please your customer. The other side ~ as an employer I never mess with my employee payroll. They work over time, they get paid. I promise them hours, they get them. I promise them a bonus, they get it. I learned a long time ago, that paying staff comes before everything, even paying myself. As a small business owner I have to balance the needs of my customer with the needs of my staff. Not the easiest thing to do! 

In closing, yes we get it. It's your day & you want what you want but we've done this before, we are the experts & most of us charge what we charge to make an honest living. We're here to help you, it's what we know,  it's what we do. Remember, you get more with honey than vinegar. 

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