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Three Things About Me...

There are three main things you may not know about me. Number 1, I'm extremely goal oriented. Number 2, I'm competitive but not with others and Number 3, I love working.

Ok, let's take these one at a time to get to why I'm writing this blog. What does it mean to be goal oriented? To me, it's having purpose, knowing where you want to go and taking the steps to get there. It can be as simple as "I want to leave work, go home and get some laundry done". By the time I get home, I might not feel like doing it but I know it was my goal to do it and sometimes you have to do things you don't feel like doing. Anyone that knows me, knows that once I set a goal, I'm very hard to derail from getting whatever it is done and accomplished. Sometimes the goals are long term and sometimes short term but they are there and I could not live without them!

The next one, I'm competitive, but not with others. I've never liked being in situations where someone has to win and the other has to loose. I think that is why I do not like bridal shows and almost never do them.  They seem so strange to me. People in the same room trying to get a customer away from another person who does the same thing that they do. "I'm better. I'm better. Look at me". Um, no. I don't like doing that and never will. What I mean by this is that I prefer to compete with myself. I find this works for me because I start each day with the thought "Hey girl, do a better job than you did yesterday and it will be good". What more can you ask of yourself but to get better each day? I've had employees over the last 20 years that seem to worry way too much about what others are doing. They wonder "Is she making more money than me" or "are they working less hard than me"? What a waste of energy!! All we can do as human beings, is be the best possible person we can. We don't all have high IQ's. We don't all have fantastic figures, singing voices or other talents. Sometimes we need to realize that we are just average people trying to be the best we can be. When you look at it that way, isn't it a huge accomplishment to improve on what we did yesterday? I'm a better cook today than I was when I first got married. I'm a better business person than I was when I started my business. Isn't that reason enough to be proud?

I look at other florists in my area the same way. I don't really think too much about what they are doing other than to admire the wonderful things they do and stay away from the things that are not in the best interest of customers, employees or the business. Why hate them? Isn't that really being jealous and isn't jealousy a horrible thing? Do we really even know others? Do they know the true us? I'd rather admire good things I notice in others. I'd rather assume hard work is the reason for anything wonderful I find in them and I'd hope they see the same in me.  I read once, "Compete with yourself and you'll see steady improvement in your life". I live that everyday.

Lastly, I love to work!! Do I like being lazy, sleeping in, reading a book and taking a long bubble bath? Of course I do but I also love being active. I love what I do for a living and so truly, I don't really work. I may have a job but when you like what you do, isn't it almost like a hobby? Why have hobbies if you enjoy working? Now, if I could just figure out a way to actually like doing laundry, my life would be complete!
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