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I'm a Boss? Really? That's hard to believe!

Something you may not know about me is that I actually have a degree in Management. How hysterical is that? Anyone that knows me knows that I'd rather be your friend than your boss but that being said, they don't call me a slave driver for nothing! Just today, in my usual floral orchestrating way, I had at least 6 employees running here and there doing this and that. Is that what being a boss is? I guess so, if the goal is to get stuff done. Of that, I'm the Queen. Even when I used to work for others you often heard "Hey, give that to Georgianne, she'll get it done quick". In an instant, I can formulate in my head multiple things that need to be done and best determine the way to not only get them done but get them done in record time, with as few physcial movements as possible.

You may laugh but if you've ever been in the shop to see me in action, I can walk around the shop doing 10 things at once, all while just doing one big loop. They don't call me a floral pychsophrenic for nothing! I can be in this direction and then in that in two seconds flat. One minute I can be yelling "When I say jump, I expect you to say how high, I'm serious" and then next minute I'm blasting some dance music dancing around singing, happy as can be. Is that a good thing? Well, it does seem that I'm bit unstable but honestly, isn't it better to have a high energy boss who gets things done, maybe even gets mad, tells you where it's at and then the next minute is back to laughing and joking? The bills get paid when work gets done. Customers are happy, paychecks clear and the business moves forward when employees feel purpose and are directed and to me, that's what bosses do. They don't deligate stuff they don't want to do. They don't yell for the sake of yelling. They don't hold grudges and make everyone miserable. Their job is to keep things moving, keep everyone in the loop of what needs to be done and that's what I do. I orchestrate. Sometimes I do it in a goofy way. Sometimes I do it in a scary way. But I think everyone that works for me knows that anything I ask of them, I ask of myself. That it's all for the good of the customer and the ultimately the company.

Happy Bosses Week to those of us who are actually called Bosses, whether we want to be or not!
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