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The World Through the Eyes of a Camera

There's a few things I'm learning about myself as the years roll on. One is that I'm not liking getting old, but hey, who does! I'm also learning that I'm a bit of a perfectionist. Hm, my husband says in my line of work it's a good thing but I think my poor employees would say other wise.

But, onto the point of this blog... I'm noticing that I look at everything around me as if I were taking a picture. What's the lighting? What are the colors and how do they look together? What's the composition? Is there something in the way of making my "picture" perfect? I remember one time when my Event Coordinator David came back from setting up a wedding and proudly showed me the pictures he took. Now, mind you, this is on a tiny screen, not on a big computer. I did my usual, "These are great David, wonderful shots, except there's an exit sign in this one, this one is too back lit, the angle makes the flowers looks crooked and this one... look way down there, that tiny little speckle, that's the label that we have on the urns that say property of Monday Morning Flowers". Ugh, the poor guy! With me, he can't catch a break and there's the perfectionism thing rearing it's ugly head again!

But truly, it's how I see the world. Am I looking for the imperfections? Perhaps but the truth is that I see each and every view for the beauty that is there but I'm looking for them under the most perfect of conditions and isn't that what a talented photographer does? Doesn't he play with the focus, the angle, the lighting to show the world in the best possible way?

I guess that's what I mean when I say I see the world through the eyes of the camera. I'm always looking for that perfect view. The one that I know is there. The one that if I just get it 100% right, will be a dream come true. The one that catches a story, a feeling, a sentiment, in a single second. I guess that's why I'm so particular about the photos we take of our weddings. I want them to be perfect. I believe flowers are more beautiful in person than they are on camera. I want to show them for what they are, amazingly lovely.

So the next time you see me and I have my new camera, be patient. I will take your picture. And I'll take your picture again and maybe a few more times but eventually, and I mean eventually, I just might get the best picture of you ever!
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