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A Beautiful Day - did you notice?

In my bridal consultation area I have a picture of my niece. This picture is special to me because my niece was taken from us just before her 21st birthday and I miss her like crazy. As a matter of fact, her birthday just passed and even though I think of her every single day, I always feel sad on both her birthday and the anniversary of her death. I think of the "what if's" and the "why her" on those days more than usual.

Getting back to this picture, it's of my niece and she's about 11 years old when the photo was taken. She's sitting in a neighbors back yard, holding her hand out towards a dandelion and from her side profile, you can tell she is smiling. The reason I display this in my bridal area is because it reminds me that what one person may see as a weed, another may see as something beautiful. It's really all about your perspective. I love reminding brides that anything can be nice for their wedding, it's all how they look at it. Especially when their wants and desires exceed their budget.

I was reminded of this picture as I was driving into work this morning. The sun was just coming up as I drove past this field and it was unusually gorgeous in shades of bright pink. As I slowed down to look, I noticed that there were tall power lines in my field of vision and at first I thought "Oh, those power lines kind of ruin the view" but then I thought of my dandelion picture. I decided to take another look, a look that had no preconceived notions on what is supposed to be pretty or ugly and it hit me. The power tower was actually very graceful and elegant. Tall vertical towers with graceful horizontal lines extending towards the sunset. I thought that in their own way, they are beautiful. I realized that I enjoy the power they bring to my house. I would not want to live without the electricity they bring to me allowing me to watch TV, vacuum my carpet, dry my clothes and power up my computer. Instead of hating those power lines, I became grateful to them and noticed that in their own way they made the sunset more beautiful, not less.

So, I end this blog - It's a beautiful day, did you notice?
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